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Surgery Prep- Steps to Take

4 Steps to a Successful Surgical Procedure

Step 1- One to two weeks prior to Surgery:

• Stop all aspirin, ibuprofen and arthritis pain medications 1-2 weeks prior to surgery. (Please check with Physician regarding all medications)

• Stop smoking is recommended

• Notify your doctor of any skin lesions near your surgical site.

Step 2- Five days prior to Surgery:

• Come to the admissions department to register and have any blood work/ labs and X-Rays needed before procedure. Bring a photo identification and your health insurance information


• Bring any orders or labs the office may have given you.

• If you routinely take a night does dose of insulin, please contact your primary care physician for direction.

• Please notify your surgeon of any skin lesions or infections.

Step 3- Day Before

• If you are taking Metformin (a diabetic drug)- do not take the day before surgery

• You will be contacted by a pre-op nurse. If you have not spoken with her by the day prior to your surgery, please contact her at 423-492-5534.

• Nothing by Mouth after midnight

(This includes food, drink, all tobacco products including cigarettes, and gum)

Step 4- Day Surgery:

• Take any blood pressure, heart or seizure medications with a small sip of water first thing in the morning.

• What to bring: good walking shoes, sweatpants, button up shirt

• Arrive at the hospital at the time given by your physician’s office. If you have pre-registered, you can go directly to the Surgical Area. Proceed to elevators located near the cafeteria. Take second floor to Surgery. The Waiting Area is directly across from the elevators as you get off on the second floor.

• Check in with the Volunteer in the waiting Area in the Surgery Department (Elevator B to 2nd floor.)

• If you have not pre-registered prior to surgery, your surgery may be delayed.

(You will need to arrive an additional hour early and follow Step 2.)