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Financial Need Information

Morristown Hamblen Healthcare Systems provides quality healthcare regardless of ability of a patient to pay.  That is one reason we strive to keep our costs low.  Our goal is to keep charges as low as possible while providing you with the highest quality healthcare services.



MHHS believes that part of the healing process is to have financial peace of mind. We believe that every patient should take responsibility for his or her health services, and we work to expedite payment for these health services.



We have found the best way to get insurance to pay is to involve you, the policy holder. We will contact your insurance and follow up on your claim as often as necessary. We ask that you get to know the rules of your policy and understand your benefits.  This includes following policy guidelines for pre-authorization and payment of deductibles and co-insurance.  Most insurance companies now require preadmission certification and a second surgical opinion. It is the patient’s responsibility to know the preadmission requirements and their insurance coverage. The patient’s physician needs to be advised of these requirements. This process must be completed prior to the time of admission. If this has not been done in accordance with the policy’s requirements, the insurance benefits could be reduced or not approved.


From time to time your insurance carrier may deny a claim or pay benefits incorrectly.  We ask that you contact your insurance company directly if you think your benefits were not paid correctly. We will do all we can to help if your insurance plan denies or delays payment, but ultimately, you will be responsible for your hospital bill. If you have any questions about your billing, you may call the Business Office at  1-800-230-1130 .


Morristown-Hamblen accepts most insurance plans. If you are unsure of your coverage, please contact your insurance company by calling the phone number on your insurance identification card.




Medicare Advantage plans (Please check with your insurance company if you are unsure)

Medicaid (TN, KY and NC) BlueCare, Americhoice

Champus, Champ VA and Tricare

Commercial Insurance Plans (Check with your insurance for in-network coverage)



If you do not have insurance or, for whatever reason, your insurance does not pay the bill in full, we will send you a monthly statement.  We request that you take advantage of one of the methods to resolve the balance due:

·         Check payment by mail.

·         We accept all major credit cards. You can complete the information on your statement or call with your credit card information.

·         Make payment arrangements by calling  1-800-230-1130.


      Sometimes because of circumstances, you may not be able to pay your bill. If this is the case, you may be eligible for assistance through one of the many programs offered by the state of Tennessee such as Medicaid or Social Security Disability.  Please contact our Financial Services Department at 423-492-5067 for more information.




If you find you are not eligible for State funded assistance, you may be eligible for the MHHS Financial Assistance (Charity Care) Program.  For information concerning our Financial Assistance Program, please contact Financial Services at  1-800-230-1130  or  423-492-5067 and a Financial Counselor will be glad to discuss your financial alternatives.

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